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Water is everywhere. That is why you need to prevent the initial impact by being proactive. Keep your property dry to reduce the initial impact of expected damages and get back on the road of recovery! 

RCM is ready to assist with water damage restoration, Fire Damage Restoration and Mold Remediation. We provided recovery assistance to Dallas Texas residents after a winter storm affected many residents. (February 18-24, 2021)   

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Important facts to know

Thankfully, there are plenty of things that can be repaired. Water damage is one of them. It can be caused by a number of circumstances. A compromised area may involve

  • dripping pipes
  • roots running through the walls
  • leaks under floorboards
  • leaks above ceiling tiles

You may spot signs for the first time after a heavy rainstorm. Leaks may have been unnoticed for days or even weeks. Flooding can occur in the absence of any warning signs. Have your property surveyed for flood risk before major rainstorms occur. Dark and rainy days are a sure-fire sign of a potential flood. Leaving your home during a potential flood is irresponsible. Do your part to prevent damages and improve your situation!

Our trained and certified engineers are on-site in Dallas, Texas ready to assist you.

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Water intrusion and mold

A good restoration company will perform the repairs to mitigate damage. Your home or business may be affected by water if there is a flood or leak in the water pipes. Another common place for leaks is in the attic. In either case, you should take action and make repairs to ensure the safety of the property.  

Preparing and directing the proper maintenance and repair work depends entirely on a thorough inspection. Things like removing contaminated soil, controlling rodents, and reducing leaks are the key preventative maintenance tasks. During the restoration it is important to follow the manufacturer’s installation and maintenance instructions.


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if your home is flooded

Find out how much water has penetrated the home. It may have already ruined some of the properties major systems, like a roof or water heater. You may have the option to hire a company that uses a water extraction device. These devices are useful for water extraction that may compromise a home’s foundation and building systems.

Proper mold removal requires a moisture-controlled environment. This environment reduces and removes the conditions for mold, bacteria, and other micro-organisms to grow.

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There are excellent water damage restoration companies in your location. If you have a flooded home, or business you should consult a professional service before doing anything. The damage has already occurred. The odds of fixing the problem improve with quick action. This is why it is essential to call a licensed professional as soon as you realize the extent of damage.

More importantly, your life and the life of your family is in your hands. Hire an IICRC certified professional like RCM and you will have a high chance of restoring the property. We are here to help you provide a safe environment for your home.

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