What is involved with mold remediation?

What is involved with mold remediation

A variety of mold remediation and cleanup methods are available for remediating damage to building materials and furnishings caused by moisture control problems and mold growth. The specific method or group of methods used will depend on the type of material affected.

We use the best and most modern Mold Remediation and Cleanup Methods. Our technicians have real world expertise in drying all kinds of environments, quickly and cost effectively returning facilities to pre-incident condition. Supported by the world’s largest fleet of drying equipment, our specialist water damage technicians can immediately install robust and regularly maintained dehumidifiers to dry affected areas and control the environment within the property. Water extraction machines are also carried to allow for the removal of standing water.

At RCM Restoration Services we are aware of our customers needs to provide a safe and healthy environment for both their customers and employees. Therefore it is our determination to fully commit ourselves to your project and completely free your facility of toxic mold.

Feel free to contact us by any method listed on the cover of this report, for any clarification on toxic mold, its effects or a FREE estimate for mold remediation.


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